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 The Opening at Chicago State Photos by Nancy Charak ©2012
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Joyce Owens introducing Judith Roth & Jesse Howard at the Opening
At the opening of their two person show  at  Chicago State University.
Joyce Owens Introducing Roth & Howard at CSU Opening
Behind them is Jesse Howard's  powerful charcoal and collaged portraits of street people.






Left to Right:  Margalit Matso, Sharon Swidler, Sandra Holubow, ansd Bill Whitehead
In back is painting " "Seated Dancer Revisited as Matador" oil on linen diptych, 72"h x 78" w over-all, with 2" space between the 2 panels.





Roth discussing her work
standing infront of her painting "Seated Dancer" oil on canvas diptych.


Opening of the CSU show


Jesse Howard






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